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Astute Computers recognizes that there are many civic and non-profit organizations that benefit our community yet work with less than ideal budgets. Astute has cultivated an expertise in low-cost to no-cost solutions available to such organizations.

Our staff believe in supporting the community in which we live and work in every way our unique skills will allow. Our communities are our family, our friends, our clients.

If you feel your organization may qualify for our reduced rate services, contact Astute Computers ( for details about the innovative ways through which we provide high-quality IT services at reduced rates for such organizations.

Listed on the right of this page is an overview of these services, software concepts, and products that Astute's Professionals can offer at reduced costs to qualified entities.

Tourette Syndrome - An Overview

Tourette Syndrome Association

"There is an Emmy Award winning HBO distributed documentary entitled 'I Have Tourette's but Tourette's Doesn't Have Me' (2005). Having been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome as an adult (unlike the children in this film) the title phrase very strongly resonates with me emotionally.  As I reflect upon my childhood and educational experiences I realize how much easier things could have been had I been diagnosed at an earlier age.

"The advantages of the early diagnosis of Tourette's in children and its importance in properly understanding the educational needs of these children cannot be overstated.  This is why I, as a person with Tourette's Syndrome, take every opportunity I am given to educate people about this wildly and widely misunderstood disorder.

"Please click on the image above to be directed to the National Tourette Syndrome Association's website overview of this disorder.  Perhaps your understanding of this disorder will one day lead you to help a child, or his or her parents, who otherwise would have Tourette's but not understand how to prevent it from having them."

James - Owner, President, & Lead Technician

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