Astute Professionals

Statement From the President

In fulfilling my roles as Founder, President, and Chief of Operations of Astute Computers, LLC., I have taken great care in assembling a team of technicians, administrators, and professional service providers that demonstrate all the qualities set forth by Astute Computers' Mission Statement. It is my solemn commitment to ensure, at all times, the highest quality service to Astute's clients while maintaining an utmost professional and highly rewarding working environment for all of Astute's associates.

James - Owner, President & Lead Technician

James - Owner, President, & Lead Technician

James received as a gift a Commodore 64 computer in 1986... and his education and interest in Information Technology has yet to wane.  Having worked professionally as a computer programmer, computer and small electronic device repair technician, network technician, and a corporate IT department manager provides him the technological background to offer quality consulting and services to home users or businesses of all professions.
With over a decade of experience in various managerial roles, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, certifications in PC and Apple computer repair, and a passionate personal emphasis on customer service, he has honed all the skills necessary to successfully steer Astute Computers to be a company of paramount quality.

James' Professional Experience & Credentials

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/Networking
  • Apple Desktop, Laptop, and OS Repair Certifications
  • CompTIA A+ PC Repair Certification
  • Skilled computer networking professional adept in both the software and hardware aspects of networking
  • Veteran computer programmer competent in prevailing programming languages
  • Many years of experience operating with and programming for Microsoft Office software suite
  • Over 10 years of management experience in several professional arenas